Effortless admin

Create a sophisticated admin system in minutes.

Free wishes

Admin builder

Create tables, add fields, customise the interface.


Text, numbers, dropdowns, rich-text editors and more.

Fully searchable

Advanced filtering of data based on field types.


Full history of who edited what and when.

User privileges

Restrict user admin access.

Import/ Export

Import and export CSV data.

File upload

Handles media upload and thumbnail generation.


Build your own reports with KPIs and charts.


Sections can be nested within other sections as part of a fully relational database.

Front-end integration

Use the PHP framework to either integrate with a PHP site or to serve an API.

Bulk editing

Edit many rows at once

Automatic updates

Automatic admin updates.

Customisable CMS

Add CMS buttons and handlers to react to events or add custom sections or buttons.